Before we started using Snapfish, if you wanted to get your digital photos on the Chapter web site, you would have to burn a CD with your photos and get it to the webmaster for uploading -- which then required said webmaster (this was Adam at the time) to spend long, thankless hours slaving over a hot Macintosh, first poring over dozens or even hundreds of photos to select those worthy of our website's limited disk space, then converting these photos to a browser- and storage-space-friendly resolution, next using a dedicated software package to build photo gallery pages, and finally uploading the results to our website. Well, no more: Now you can easily upload your own photos directly to Snapfish and have them added to our group room without even burning a single CD. Read on for step-by-step, illustrated intructions showing you how to become part of the exciting, crowd-sourced future today!

Before you begin this procedure, the following are assumed to be true:
  • You have created a Snapfish account for yourself.
  • You have joined the Chicago HOG group room.
  • Your photos are on a volume which is visible to your computer. (Most digital cameras a remounted as removable drives when connected by a USB cable.)

Step 1: Log in.
Sign into Snapfish.

Step 2: Begin the process.
Click the upload photos link.

Step 2a:
If you've already opened the Chicago HOG group room, then instead of the upload photos link above, you'll see this one:

Step 3: Metadata.
Fill out the details of your photo album and click the select photos button:

Step 4: Select Photos.
Browse to the folder (on your hard drive, CD, or connected camera) containing your photos and specify which ones you want to upload using the normal Windows selection techniques like Click, Shift+Click, and Ctrl+Click. If your photos are in mulitple folders, first add the photos from one folder, then use the select more button in Step 5 to add other folders' worth.

Note that in the screen shot of the file selection window below, after using Ctrl+A to select all images in the folder, the first three pictures of a dog napping (as opposed to a dognapping) were then deselected using Ctrl+Click.

When you have selected all of your photos, clicking the Open button in the file selection window will begin the conversion-and-upload process.

Step 5: Convert and Upload.
The process of converting your photos for the Snapfish site and uploading them will now begin. As noted in Step 4 above, if you have more than one folder's worth of photos to upload to the same album, use the select more button as shown below to add them, one folder at a time. Note that you can remove individual photos from this window if you selected pictures in Step 4 which you didn't intend to.

Photos which are successfully converted and uploaded to the site will be indicated with the green checkmark as shown below. If you receive errors instead of checkmarks, your computer may not have sufficient memory available to perform the conversions; as noted above in Step 3, either increase available memory by closing other applications running on your computer, or choosing the lower-resolution upload option by choosing fast upload in Step 3.

That's it; when the process completes, your pictures have been uploaded to your own Snapfish account and also shared to the Chicago HOG group room. Please note that the link between the album in your personal Snapfish account and the shared album in the group room is a live one; if you add to or remove the album in your own area, the same changes will immediately take place in the shared version in the group room.

You now know how to upload pictures to the Chicago HOG group room; feel free to snap away!

To hear the latest, call the Chicago HOG Hotline at 312-670-9699

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